Thursday, January 21

work out fun.

i ordered julianne hough's cardio ballroom off amazon yesterday. i watched this video and though it seemed fun! so i'm giving it a go. for 7.99 and the potential to look like her (wishful thinking, i realize), i figured it was worth it. i'll let you know how it turns out! only problem i forsee is where i'm going to actually do the workout. i may be moving our couch everyday (everyday is obviously me being ambitious).

Wednesday, January 20

bargain hunting.

my friend jess recently asked me to take a look at a bag she was thinking of purchasing from Ruche's tag line "a modern vintage boutique with a vintage touch" is not what struck me. the thing you really want to know about: the price. it is incredibly well priced. i took a looksee through all their products and there are a few pieces that stuck out, especially for this particular price point. below are some i liked.

Friday, January 15

early morning visual stimulation.

i found these pictures on a wedding blog called Green Wedding Shoes that i frequent. i came across Green Wedding Shoes while looking for ideas for my dear friend erica, who is to be wed this june 12. the blog is awesome. she has engagement photos, wedding spreads, inspiration boards, you name it.

above are engagement photos by Braedon Photography that i think are so fun and unique. the theme of the shoot is based on that brad and angelina spread from W magazine a few years back. i think its fresh and cool. it cheered me up early this morning and i thought it might do the same for you. happy friday!

check out the post from Green Wedding Shoes for more details and other amazing photos.

Thursday, January 7

i'm baaaack . .

I realize I have let this blog fall into oblivion but I'd like to try again, if you'll have me. My desire to re-spark this blog came out of a book I started reading this morning, When Everything Changed, by Gail Collins. The book is basically the story of what happened to women in America in the last 50 years and how drastically their life has changed. I recently watched this video on, in which Collins says of the book,

"thoughts about the way women are, about the difference of the sexes, about women's roles, that existed for millennia ended in our lifetimes. that is an incredible story and that is the story i really wanted to tell here"

I know some of you have aversions to the word feminism, and this is obviously a key part of this book, but I urge you to try again. Our general historical knowledge of the feminist movement that occurred during this time period is often fleeting and inaccurate. Think feminism consists mainly of radical, obnoxious bra burners? Think again.

In looking for a photo for this post, I read an article from The New Yorker called "Lift and Separate: Why is feminism still so divisive" by Ariel Levy. In the article, Levy tackles the bra burning myth (yes, myth. if you didn't already know that, read it.) and moves into pointing out what really happened during this tumultuous time and not what most perceive. If you do read any of the article, make sure you include the last three paragraphs. You may be surprised.

If you know me at all, you know I love American women's history - especially in the last century - and this book has me very excited. I just started this morning on my commute in, so I don't have a lot yet, but it's certainly coming. The first part of the book is setting the stage. It begins in 1960 - so think post WWII, nuclear family, cold war, self medication. This is a book I'll be sure to read with a pen because I'm going to want to bring a lot of it back here.

Stay tuned . . . and pick up a copy!

Friday, October 9

my apologies.

i have been quite absent on the blog front and i apologize. i've been swamped at work and there was a computer crisis at home. hopefully i will be back in full swing soon.

Monday, September 21